Intimacy Coordinator

Romance movies usually end with a perfectly timed, perfectly executed kiss.  But did you know that those perfect kisses are often choreographed in advance like a fight scene or a dance?  The person responsible is called an Intimacy Coordinator.


In real life, no one waits for an appointment with an Intimacy Coordinator to teach us how to hug, kiss or hold hands with our partner.  We all just close our eyes, lean in and, well, go for it.  We have a basic idea about what a kiss entails so we wing it until we figure each other out.  First kisses may not be perfect - or even great.  But we keep practicing because we are confident that as we get to know each other better, and spend more time together, we will figure out how to create our own perfect kisses.


Breast feeding is exactly the same as kissing.  Think about it: you and your baby are two new people who've just met and are getting to know each other.  You don't need to wait for the supervision of a Lactation Consultant to get your baby latched and initiate successful breast feeding.  You just need to be willing to work with your baby to find a comfortable position for you both and then jump in and give it a try!  Fortunately you will have lots of help nearby.  All of the staff in every area of the Women's Center are trained to assist you with breast feeding.  But if you do encounter difficulties and think you need your own Intimacy Coordinator, then the hospital team of Lactation Consultants are available for assistance.  At Inspire our goal is to support you and your infant through all stages of bonding. We want you to be assured that you won't be alone once you go home.  Our practice has nurses and providers available for support by phone or email.  We can also see you in our office any time you need us for anything related to your breast feeding.  

Janice Collins CNM

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